Face Mask Pack - Roadcase Black

Face Mask Pack - Roadcase Black

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Is it Halloween?  No.  Are we at an S&M dungeon?  No.  Did the Illuminati suddenly invite us all to a secret mansion party?  Ummm...let's not get into that. 


It's safe to say that we probably don't want to put a mask on but there is one thing of which we can assure you.  If you don't like wearing a mask then you're REALLY gonna hate the whole ventilator experience!  Welcome to the new world.  Now shut up and put your mask on.


Personal Use Face Masks and their accessories are a part of the new normal and if you have to don one then you might as well do it in tactical style.  Why is it tactical, you ask?  Because we were the first ones to slap some Velcro and a patch on it, that's why. 


Slow ya flow, lil mama if you think these are gonna save your life.  These personal use masks are just that...personal use, so please don't use them for your surgical procedures.  Are they quality?  Hells yes.  Are they washable & reusable?  Damn straight.  Will they get you a hot date?  You definitely increase your chances if you keep them on!  They are NOT medical grade.  They are NOT N95.  They are designed to alleviate the strain on the medical grade supply chain to reserve that level of gear for medical professionals.  


These masks are made from a soft, dual-layered comfort fabric with insert sleeve for carbon filters (sold separately) and a one-way exhalation valve that helps release warm, moist air for increased comfort.  A wire nose bridge ensures a secure fit and extra long comfort ties allow for ear loops, use of the included earsaver, or the ability to tie behind the head.  Add to that the outstanding tactical proficiency of hook & loop Velcro and you've got a mask like no other on the market.


Black mask packs come complete with a matching Circle Hex Reflective Logo Patch and yellow hex reflective Ear Saver for increased visibility and comfort.  


Wanna swap out the patch for someone else's logo?  Weak move, brah but you've got the option now.  Don't know how to tie a knot?  Hit the Youtubes.  It's the Information Age.  Ignorance is a choice and we're not teaching basic seamanship here.


All masks come standard with an exhalation valve installed but if you're the germaphobe type that doesn't want that feature, just select that option when adding to your cart and consider it done.



Size:  Adult


Made In The USA

  • Care Instruction

    Hand wash in warm water with mild detergent or liquid soap.  No bleach.  Air dry.