Luxibel B Direct - Price On Request

Luxibel B Direct - Price On Request

Single Direct UVC radiator with reflector


B Direct disinfects air and surface (up to 22 m²), prevents secondary infections and eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungal and mold spores in the air. All direct radiating fixtures have a standard double security with a moving sensor and an extra safety. It can be used in production halls, hospitals, health care facilities, pharmacies, public transport and many more.

  • Disinfection time < 15 min
  • Wavelength of 254nm (UVC)
  • Mounting: wall, ceiling or tripod
  • Protective foil for radiator (on request)
  • Radiators replacement: once a year
  • Movement sensor standard included



Coverage:  Up to 22 m²

Light source:  1x TUV 55 W HO

IP Rating:  IP20

Input power:  57W AC 220 - 240 V 50/60 Hz

Dimensions:  940 x 135 x 165 mm

Weight:  11.02 lbs.


Important:  Must be installed by a professionally licensed electrician.


    Never allow human beings or animals under direct radiation of UVC!


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