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Front Lounger Pint Glass

Front Lounger Pint Glass

SKU: PintGlass1

Nothing cries I'm making bad decisions quite like a pre-plee for mercy.  Tell your mates to holster their Sharpies and have some pity on you with these durable pint glasses.  


WARNING:  No promises in the front lounge.


Combining a simple, yet practical shape with thick and balanced construction, this durable 16 oz. glass is ideal for just about any drinking excursion.  


Thanks to a special thermal after-process applied to the top portion of the glass, you can rest assured that it has exceptional durability.  This is specifically important if you want to take these on the tour bus.  DuraTuff treatment is designed to increase the glass's resistance to mechanical and thermal shock while also making it safer to use.  When a normal glass breaks, it typically shatters into tiny pieces.  DuraTuff glasses, on the other hand, tend to break into larger pieces, shortening cleanup and making them a much safer alternative.  Add to that a perfectly balanced construction combined with thick walls and you have a glass that is just at home in your kitchen as it is traveling in a tour bus.


Dishwasher Safe and Made In The USA



Size:  16oz

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