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Th3Gear Solo Med Kit

Th3Gear Solo Med Kit




Th3Gear, in conjunction with the amazing team at MyMedic, have labored to bring you a curated medical kit like no other.  This isn't just a basic boo boo kit.  This kit has been crafted to give you that next level of care that can mean the difference between life and death while awaiting proper first responders to arrive on scene or simply help some buddies out when they've manage to injur themselves just past that point where rubbing some dirt in it isn't quite the thing that will get em back in the game.  


Let's face it, response times for first responders vary greatly depending on the nature of the place and time.  We also work around some potentially dangerous situations and on very large sites.  When you combine these facts, having something on hand that's a little more robust than just the basics can really make a difference and this offering is packed with some guardian angel goodness.  


Whereas the case itself is extremely compact, it also comes with two buttoned Molle straps on the back which are perfect for attaching this kit to another bag, chest rig, or whatever your little Molle-loving heart desires.  There's a heavy duty ballistic nylon handle to make it easy to grab in a hurry and the center, flat-fold design gives you rapid access to all of your first aid supplies.  An overesized and high-quality zipper combined with a silicone pull tab ensures an anti-snag, easy opening and a mesh pouch on the front is ideal for storing extra bandages, sunscreen, or that half a sandwich you made at craft services but didn't finish.  Being small, waterproof, and lightweight certainly makes it easy to have on hand and it's even safe for carry-on wherever you fly.


What's inside?  Let's break it down by what you might need it for...




Chest Seal - 6.75" x 8"

- used for punctures of the chest wall to create an occlusive seal in an emergency.




1 x Liquid Skin - 0.5 grams

- creates a waterproof and protective layer over wound to further promote healing


2 x Large Bandage - 2" x 4"

- a durable, flexible fabric bandage for use on small wounds in high motion areas


2 x Small Bandage - 1" x 3.25"

- a durable, flexible fabric bandage for use on small wounds in high motion areas


1 x Quikclot - 3" x 4'

- hemostatic dressing that accelerates the body's clotting process to stop bleeding fast.


1 x Secure Strip - 0.25" x 3"

- surgical tape strips to use laterally across a wound to secure the wound closed.


1 x Butterfly Closure - 1.75" x 0.375" / Waterproof

- close and secure small wounds and incisions.


2 x Performance Bandage - 1" x 3.25"

2 x Performance Bandage - 2" x 4"

- Extreme Hold™ adhesive technology to stay on until you take them off. Tough, heavy duty fabric offers outstanding protection and is also breathable and flexible. The colored wound pad is 3x more absorbent than most other leading brands.


1 x Emergency Pressure Bandage - 4" x 60"

- light, compact trauma dressing for pre-hospital casualty care. Features a sterile dressing, cloth wrapping leader, and velcro for easy attachment.  Velcro strips placed throughout bandage provide a secure wrap with minimal slippage. Also prevents accidental unravelling if dropped.


1 x Celox Hemostatic Agent - 2g

- treats non-extreme bleeding as well as extreme arterial bleeding.  Useful in treating difficult and deep wounds and its gelled material is easy to administer as well as remove.  Celox has a long shelf life and does not generate heat, produce burning or embed itself in the wound.


1 x Compressed Gauze - 4.5" x 4.1yd

- compressed sterile crinkle cotton fluff bandage is the perfect tool (often used in conjunction with a compression bandage) to deal with serious bleeding. Can also be used as backing gauze for hemostatic dressings or for wound bandaging.  Vacuum-packed toight like a toiger!




1 x Burnshield Burn Gel - 3.5ml / 0.625oz

- topical medication for minor burns.  Contains 2% lidocaine to numb pain and aid healing.




2 x Superskin Blister Protection - 1" x 2.75"

- use to prevent and cover blisters on high-friction areas.  Designed to stick on skin for up to 7 days.




1 x P.A.W.S. Hand Wipes - antimicrobial

- a moist towelette with a fresh scent and aloe vera.  Use to clean hands before a meal or first aid.


1 x Hydrocortisone Create - 0.9grams @ 1%

- mild topical steroid.  Apply to skin for temporary relief of itching, irritation, rashes, or inflammation.


1 x Saljet - 30ml

- sterile saline in squeezable vial.  Use to clean wounds, moisten dried bandages or to flush sinuses.




1 x Tweezers - 4.5"

- Stainless steel tweezers.  Use to remove small shrapnel, splinters, etc.


1 x EMT Shears - 5.25

- efficient and safe shears that will cut through denim, seat belts, and also thin metal.  These things can even cut through a penny!


2 x Nitrile Gloves - 2 per pack / Large

- powder-free, non-latext barrier gloves.  Use to maintain tactile sensitivity while keeping your hands clean.


1 x CPR Shield

- single use physical barrier for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.



We've managed to pack ALL of that in there and there's still some room for you to add a few extras on your own should you desire.



SIZE:  8" x 5.5" x 2.5"


WEIGHT:  400g (approx.)



    *By ordering MyMedic First Aid Kits you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. MyMedic, Th3Gear, The Activity, and all associated parties assumes no liability for their misuse.  MyMedic and Th3Gear reserves the right to replace individual supplies within the kits with supplies of equal or greater value at our discretion.

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